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NPower 05/03/2019 07:24
We spent the past hour+ sharing ideas on how to combat poverty with @upworthy and @standtogether. Thanks for bringing us together with these orgs (tagged in thread) doing amazing work to discuss a very worthy shared cause! #Upchat to read all.
We spent the past hour+ sharing ideas on how to combat poverty with @upworthy and @standtogether. Thanks for bringing us together with these orgs (tagged in thread) doing amazing work to discuss a very worthy shared cause! #Upchat to read all. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/9ulAaqUjVG
The HGV overturned on the Four Elms roundabout in Wainscott shortly before 5am. The A228 Four Elms Hill Southbound has been closed as a result and traffic is slow from Upchat Road to A289 Wainscott ...
Katy Sherratt 05/03/2019 07:21
Thank you @Upworthy & @StandTgthr for such an insightful #UpChat this afternoon. #poverty in America is a big problem, but when we #standtogether we collectively lift those in poverty up, becoming the community they need to realize what extraordinary things they can achieve.
The Upchat Connection Mon, 11 Jan 2016 07:33:00 GMT
As Mike Upchat emigrates, a brand new Mike Upchat arrives on the streets of London, complete with locker 684, Marylebone Station Mike Upchat has emigrated to California, leaving behind ... Mike Upchat ...
Esther Fraser 05/03/2019 07:19
A11: We can all see people's humanity and stop thinking of them as "poor." We can ALL meet people where they are, and try to understand WHO they are. We must approach them as humans instead of recipients of our programs. #UpChat @standthgr @upworthy
We’re obviously huge fans here at TakePart. That’s why we’ve partnered with Upworthy to run an #UpChat about all things Cesar Chavez on March 27 at 4 p.m. ET. Just follow @TakePart on Twitter, and get ...
NPower 05/03/2019 07:14
A10. Unconscious bias is real. We encourage everyone to check their bias. Make sure you’re contributing to the solution, rather than the problem. We encourage everyone to learn more and get involved with organizations like us: http://www. npower.org   #UpChat @Upworthy
HRC will also participate in an #UpChat with Upworthy to discuss the state of LGBTQ equality and how Americans can work together to better support the LGBTQ community. Currently, 50 percent of LGBTQ ...
Thread 05/03/2019 07:14
If you are - or are perceived to be - a person with privilege, give some of that privilege up. Be vulnerable. Be vulnerable publicly. Tell someone you don’t have the answer. Let that person help you. @Upworthy #UpChat @StandTgthr https:// twitter.com/Upworthy/statu s/1103010511526879233   …
The traffic was queueing on the A228 Four Elms roundabout from Upchat Road to the A289 Wainscott Eastern Bypass. There was congestion in Hoo along the westbound carriageway as well. One lane remained ...
The LAST MILE 05/03/2019 07:14
@Upworthy A11: Encourage businesses to hire those that were previously incarcerated and get in touch with your state’s government to bring in job training programs to correctional facilities #Upchat #PavingtheRoad #StandTogether #NextChapter #DayofEmpathy https:// twitter.com/Upworthy/statu s/1103010511526879233   …
Chrysalis 05/03/2019 07:13
Volunteer! Last year, 329 volunteers donated 10,147 hours of service to help Chrysalis clients get back to work. That’s a value of nearly $300,000! #UpChat @Upworthy #StandTogether #ChangeLives https:// twitter.com/Upworthy/statu s/1103010511526879233   …
Upworthy 05/03/2019 07:12
Last question: What are some things we can all do to help break the cycle of poverty in our communities? #UpChat #StandTogether
Thread 05/03/2019 07:08
Let’s reject this notion of haves and have nots, saviors and people in need of saving. Let’s recognize that we all have barriers to overcome - some more difficult, unfair, or unjust. At the end of the day, we want to be seen, heard and loved. @Upworthy #Upchat @StandTgthr https:// twitter.com/Upworthy/statu s/1103009032241987584   …
Thread 05/03/2019 07:03
As a nation, we have to be as innovative in bringing people together as we have been historically in keeping people apart. Proud to be in a community of innovators doing this in Baltimore. @CFUF_Baltimore @BaltimoreCorps @Upworthy #UpChat https:// twitter.com/Upworthy/statu s/1103007723082268672   …
Upworthy 05/03/2019 07:00
We're on fire with this amazing conversation! Extending it for another 15 min : ) #UpChat #StandTogether
#cut50 05/03/2019 06:57
LOVE THIS! Our amazing partner @TLM integrating #DayOfEmpathy into @Upworthy's #Upchat tweetchat. https:// twitter.com/TLM/status/110 3002146008530944   …
Bishara W Addison 05/03/2019 06:55
A8: Thomas Moore said it: “For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated...and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded...but that you first make thieves and then punish them.” #UpChat @Upworthy @towardsemploy
Upworthy 05/03/2019 06:51
Q8: How is poverty linked to the criminal justice system in America? How does this play out in communities? #UpChat #StandTogether
Upworthy 05/03/2019 06:38
Q6: How does poverty affect people's employability/ economic well-being? #UpChat #StandTogether
Per Scholas 05/03/2019 06:26
[email protected] A4: Unconscious bias embedded within corporate hiring practices often lead companies to exclude people of color, women and other minorities from accessing sustainable and quality employment. We've got to check our blind spots! #UpChat #StandTogether
Civic Workforce 05/03/2019 06:19
Just stumbled upon @Upworthy & @StandTgthr's twitter chat about Poverty In America. If you're looking for a good discussion on raising awareness, this is a good one! #upchat #StandTogether
Upworthy 05/03/2019 06:12
Q3: What do you think are the greatest barriers that keep people in the cycle of poverty? #UpChat #StandTogether
Singh 05/03/2019 06:11
It’s everywhere. From big cities to rural America - poverty isn’t exclusive to one region or type of person and we need to come together to make real change #UpChat #StandTogether
Upworthy 05/03/2019 06:06
Q2: Which areas or individuals in the US are impacted most? Why? #UpChat #StandTogether
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