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Best tweets:

  🇸🇳 29/06/2016 09:47
#UnMessagePourMonEx Rends moi mon argent
Coriet M. Adou 29/06/2016 09:38
Heeeeeeeeeeein ? #UnMessagePourMonEx
Heeeeeeeeeeein ?  #UnMessagePourMonEx <br>http://pic.twitter.com/EyDvrc5Y8Y
Oups   🍌 09/10/2019 02:41
#UnMessagePourMonEx On efface tout. Et on ne recommence surtout pas.
#UnMessagePourMonEx On efface tout. Et on ne recommence surtout pas. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/TWpQtmHCVr
#UnMessagePourMonEx wanted to wish you the best but i am the best and am done with you so
ショナ 09/10/2019 02:45
Le # me fume #UnMessagePourMonEx
#UnMessagePourMonEx Comment te dire...
VDM 30/06/2016 10:09
Ouch ! #UnMessagePourMonEx
Ouch !  #UnMessagePourMonEx <br>http://pic.twitter.com/Mc11UEx1al
Emy 30/06/2016 08:54
On pourra jamais oublier son premier amour comme on dit #UnMessagePourMonEx
The Fatty Legend 30/06/2016 08:12
#UnMessagePourMonEx Pour mon.. quoi ? What is that ? "Ex" not found
#UnMessagePourMonEx you can't see me
almeda 30/06/2016 01:49
#UnMessagePourMonEx my new girl is fresher than yooooouuuuuu
Béné  🌹 30/06/2016 01:24
Mdr non t'as fais fort pour taper une 2000 #UnMessagePourMonEx
Roronoa   🅱 30/06/2016 12:13
Quand tu lis les Tweets #UnMessagePourMonEx et t'a pas d'ex
#UnMessagePourMonEx you let me in The middle of The road she found me and im gettin better so thank you
Vorace 29/06/2016 11:54
#UnMessagePourMonEx Ton IPhone 6s est a St Denis
#UnMessagePourMonEx it didn't work, it doesn't have to be someone's fault. Wish you the best.
Can you stop using my Netflix account #UnMessagePourMonEx
I still got mad love for you & wish you the best in life, but seeing you happy w/ her hurts sometimes #UnMessagePourMonEx
Of course you miss me, I'm amazing #UnMessagePourMonEx
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