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#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Some of the best people are only a message away.
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Some of the best people are only a message away.  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/f4kh1T8kOP
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Some people crave attention...
Ali 13/08/2019 08:50
Not everyone appreciates pineapple on their pizza... #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
Just Mathy 13/08/2019 09:05
Someone will be offended by this tweet #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtme
Lisa 13/08/2019 08:24
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Not to take hashtag games so seriously. Keep it fun.
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe A catfish is more than just something you can eat
buttoneyesrwatching 13/08/2019 08:07
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe About a pink sock and a blue waffle
Felicia M Ruiz 13/08/2019 08:09
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe How to write a poem in under 280 characters
Rachel July 13/08/2019 08:09
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe A lot of people dig cocaine.
Crystal 13/08/2019 08:13
If you like pineapple on a pizza people will dislike you #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
Walter White 13/08/2019 08:06
Don’t have an opinion... #ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe
Kenneth Reading 13/08/2019 08:46
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe everyone else is an author
napper claus 13/08/2019 08:05
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe I’m Really Not That Weird
Rachel July 13/08/2019 08:08
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe People will hate you for absolutely no reason sometimes.
Kim 14/08/2019 12:17
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe To share my likes and dislikes basically share my life
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe To share my likes and dislikes basically share my life <br>http://pic.twitter.com/WsKG7Twg40
You Just Roll 13/08/2019 09:24
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe it is the very nature of this free app. Someone will find fault, someone will not like you, some will judge, others will be offended. Yet, fortunately you will also find a network of kind, caring, and authentic souls.
M  🐘 13/08/2019 09:03
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe Facebook & IG = Most everyone has a happier, more fulfilling life than I do. Twitter = It’s okay to be weird and not have my crap together. Everyone has issues, some more than others.
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe you can block your stalkers but they just get a new account to spy on you. Just wave hello so they don’t feel left out from your fabulous life.
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe The difference in time zones
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe  The difference in time zones <br>http://pic.twitter.com/xojOoitnsZ
Becca   ❤   🤘 13/08/2019 08:29
#ThingsSocialMediaHasTaughtMe You can develop feelings for a complete stranger many miles away, that seems like you've known your whole life despite the distance between you.
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