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BBC Radio 6 Music 20/02/2020 11:47
Here comes the science part... concentrate! @shaunwkeaveny & @tameimpala's Kevin Parker get a bit @ProfBrianCox-y discussing the stellar new album #TheSlowRush . Hear the full interview @BBCSounds.
The post Album Review: Tame Impala’s The Slow Rush Fuses Elements into a Beautiful Collage appeared first on Consequence of Sound. The Lowdown: Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker loves hip-hop. You wouldn’t ...
Will 28/02/2020 04:05
Thought as much #TheSlowRush
Thought as much #TheSlowRush  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/vYEhC5HjIS
Aficionados of Tame Impala, the genre-defying brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker, held their breath for half a decade waiting for his newest album, “The Slow Rush.” Fans can rest assured ...
Sandra Croft 28/02/2020 03:47
tame impala's #TheSlowRush is gonna be the sound of the #coronavirus i'm tellin u...the only soundtrack u need for the times of self-isolation. but also sounds a bit like a riot for the last 50 face masks
Time can be a comfort or curse. It can heal, but it can also compress, building up a pressure that begs for release. “The Slow Rush” seems to be just that — a discharge of the creative pressure that ...
A cloudy morning gets even better when you play #TheSlowRush after waking up... Thank you for this album, @TameImpala!
Kevin Parker of Tame Impala explains how working with Travis Scott inspired him to make "The Slow Rush," on Beats 1. Tame Impala's Kevin Parker recently spoke with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 and explained ...
Mark Millard 28/02/2020 02:07
I swear I listen to a lot of other music too... @tameimpala #TheSlowRush
I swear I listen to a lot of other music too... @tameimpala #TheSlowRush  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/4sp2a6Horg
You’d be hard-pressed to identify a guitar on The Slow Rush. Instead, Borderline channels the bittersweetness of the late 70s dancefloor through expensive studio technology. Breathe Deeper is an ...
Kenny 28/02/2020 12:36
In short: #theslowrush do be hittin tho
In short: #theslowrush  do be hittin tho <br>http://pic.twitter.com/W1blDTewcx
Centrism is weird 28/02/2020 12:10
#TheSlowRush apparently to fuck with us all, Kevin has switched up Borderline.
adri ♡ 28/02/2020 01:46
as long as i can spend some time alone #TheSlowRush
  🏜 josh 27/02/2020 10:12
#TheSlowRush collection nearing its completion
#TheSlowRush  collection nearing its completion  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/KspUs9rekX
𝓜aría 𝓒ristina 27/02/2020 06:17
In the most unexpected tracks... there she is. The standard. The icon of your icons. @MariahCarey #TheSlowRush
Dylan Oscroft 27/02/2020 09:49
when I hear the bridge in 'On Track' by Tame Impala #theslowrush @tameimpala
#TheSlowRush nite mooties
CHRI$CHRO$ 27/02/2020 05:09
fav tracks von #TheSlowRush bis jetzt posthumous forgiveness, on track, tommorows dust und one more year
backwoodbear 26/02/2020 05:21
every time 'Lost In Yesterday' transitions to 'Is It True' @tameimpala #TheSlowRush
krista   🍒 26/02/2020 03:13
out here listening to tame impala's #theslowrush and living my best life thanks for asking!
kiara 25/02/2020 01:05
I need a new case to store my vinyls! #TheSlowRush
I need a new case to store my vinyls!  #TheSlowRush  <br>http://pic.twitter.com/WsyJpSZRKc
Marco Collins 24/02/2020 10:23
Vinylly!! #theslowrush indeed.
Vinylly!! #theslowrush  indeed. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/YjiBtPowhn
Pop Crave 24/02/2020 01:02
#TheSlowRush by @TameImpala debuts at #3 on the Billboard 200 with 110,000 units (80,000 in pure). This is the band’s best selling debut sales on the chart.
#TheSlowRush  by @TameImpala debuts at #3 on the Billboard 200 with 110,000 units (80,000 in pure). This is the band’s best selling debut sales on the chart.<br>http://pic.twitter.com/Iw6S8EFNzR
grace 22/02/2020 05:48
Deja Murphy  ✨ 22/02/2020 02:54
I need #TheSlowRush on vinyl now
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