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Best tweets:

The Royals 16/05/2018 11:02
Oh, baby. #RoyalPickUpLines
The Royals 16/05/2018 11:01
Honesty is the best policy. #RoyalPickUpLines
The Royals 16/05/2018 11:01
Works like a charm. #RoyalPickUpLines
Tim Young 16/05/2018 04:10
Hey baby, wanna live off the taxpayers' dime, but without all the stress of faking a disability or unemployment? #RoyalPickUpLines
♫ Adriano&Paulina ♫ 16/05/2018 03:39
#RoyalPickUpLines Let me check out the crown jewels
IFC 16/05/2018 03:30
Be his Queen. #RoyalPickUpLines #Portlandia
Michael   🏡 16/05/2018 03:09
Just call me King Arthur cause I'm gonna take you back to my place and make you Cumalot #RoyalPickUpLines
#RoyalPickUpLines My brother will be king of england, you know ?!
Jen 16/05/2018 03:05
This has nothing to do with the tag but I just want to say that I am in the dentist chair, completely numb, with gauze in my mouth and I AM STILL PLAYING THIS GAME. That should be worth a few damn points, am I right? #RoyalPickUpLines
Rishabh Sharma 16/05/2018 03:05
Hey girl, I can commit patricide and regicide at the same time. #RoyalPickUpLines
Hillary Miller 16/05/2018 03:04
One look at you and I was throne off #RoyalPickUpLines
Jesse Custer   🚬 16/05/2018 03:04
#RoyalPickUpLines Prince Harry: got any royalty in you? Her: No Prince Harry: do you want some?
Daniel Hopkins 16/05/2018 03:03
Have you ever seen Big Ben? No, not THAT Big Ben... #RoyalPickUpLines
Katt Funny 16/05/2018 03:02
#RoyalPickUpLines Ever had Prince Albert in the can?
Chris Dmytriw 16/05/2018 03:01
Rule a country and chill? #RoyalPickUpLines
Dreamweasel 16/05/2018 03:00
Are you my second cousin once removed or are you just happy to see me #RoyalPickUpLines
Katt Funny 16/05/2018 03:00
#RoyalPickUpLines I got the crown jewels right here. (Grabs crotch)
Shea Browning 16/05/2018 03:00
I'm a William on the streets-- But a Harry in the sheets. #RoyalPickUpLines
  ☮️ Lola  ☯️ 16/05/2018 03:00
I'll give you a throne to sit on #RoyalPickUpLines
David E 16/05/2018 02:59
Wanna see my family jewels? #RoyalPickUpLines
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