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We have the evidence proving election fraud in at least 5 primary states so far. Make it as famous as #RefundWarren or #WarrenIsAsnake and we will win. https:// twitter.com/jvgraz/status/ 1237105018253111302   …
Shane Croucher Wed, 20 May 2020 17:00:00 GMT
Shane Croucher is a deputy news editor for Newsweek based in London, England. Prior to this, he worked as an editor and reporter for International Business Times UK, focusing on politics ...
The #RefundWarren amount must be quite significant. I find it interesting that this has failed to make headlines. You can bet that if the tables had been turned and it was Bernie taking the heat, that news would be EVERYWHERE. If you come across this information please share it.
gato fumador ❼ 29/02/2020 02:44
Just got this sent to me by the Warren campaign: #RefundWarren
Just got this sent to me by the Warren campaign: #RefundWarren <br>http://pic.twitter.com/j5JD17s5cH
#RefundWarren She is openly admitting to scamming her campaign donors. She has no path to nomination. The only way to get her to drop out is to bankrupt her campaign. https:// twitter.com/MikePrysner/st atus/1233928934112129024   …
Trisha 01/03/2020 04:19
The Demoratic Party's Professional White Women Who Brunch brigade will NEVER admit this to you...but Elizabeth Warren has done irreparable damage to her standing with the Progressive movement. IRREPARABLE DAMAGE. #RefundWarren #WhichWarren https:// twitter.com/RobGalbraithLS /status/1233429954303549444   …
Rob Kuzcats 28/02/2020 02:58
She’s flooding the field with corporate, dark monied cash and drowning out the voices of her grassroots support. If donated, I would be outraged. She broke a huge campaign promise and coat-tailed the progressive movement—shame. #RefundWarren #NoMoreDarkMoney #DrowningGrassroots
Rob Kuzcats 28/02/2020 02:45
Elizabeth Warren straight-up sold out her grassroots movement by washing away their voices with the corporate cash she renounced. If I donated to Warren’s campaign, I would demand a refund ASAP. #RefundWarren #DrowningGrassroots #NoMoreSuperPACs
Michael 21/02/2020 05:07
Nothing says “I’m the unity candidate” quite like smearing the current frontrunner and your former “friend” #RefundWarren #LyinLiz https:// twitter.com/BoldProgressiv e/status/1230709000582258688   …
Yikes. Remember all those #RefundWarren requests? Just...yikes. https:// twitter.com/ShaneGoldmache r/status/1230692506309820416   …
Wow. #TeamWarren #Warren2020... are you guys ok with this? Because this is far worse than any other jab she's directed at Bernie...and y'all saw how we reacted to that bullshit sexism/lying claim. #RefundWarren https:// twitter.com/evanlweber/sta tus/1226206221629304832   …
She's referring to Bernie getting help from @NationalNurses and @sunrisemvmt. Oh no! This is terrible! Bernie is in the pocket of Big Nurses and Big Youth! #BernieIsMyPresident #RefundWarren #DemDebate https:// twitter.com/ewarren/status /1225979380939313153   …
Dr Kazoo 06/02/2020 03:53
What if Buttigieg says that Warren said a gay person could never be President? #RefundWarren
#RefundWarren was a pretty damn good indicator of how that went. https:// twitter.com/washingtonpost /status/1217262145223741442   …
#RefundWarren and donate to a leader who puts #ServiceAboveSelf #TulsiTime https:// twitter.com/shawna_burley/ status/1218867572730486784   …
Yeah. First place is soooooo bad for Bernie. LMAO! But keep trying desperately to keep this alive so your candidate stays in the news cycle. We almost forgot she's still in the race. #RefundWarren
Holy crap---I just got my #RefundWarren....from when she first announced! wow. thats a surprise.
Ken Masters 17/01/2020 12:19
LMFAO.. #RefundWarren
Ah. Mine #RefundWarren came in, too. More money to donate to #BigUs.
Ah. Mine #RefundWarren came in, too. More money to donate to #BigUs. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/iLLZzDNvYH
Yeah. ActBlue got Broke with #RefundWarren
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