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#MyTCDoesntKnowI 'm secretly in a coma and all of this isn't real.
Buck In Ears 11/02/2019 07:55
#MyTCDoesntKnowI nicknamed her "Squirrel." Squirrel likes to put nuts in her mouth.
#MyTCDoesntKnowI look exactly like my AVI.
#MyTCDoesntKnowI bust a nut nightly thinking about his pink asshole
Mario Speedwagon 11/02/2019 07:28
#MyTCDoesntKnowI still want her...
Jim 11/02/2019 07:28
#MyTCDoesntKnowI am leaving this nonsense.... tired of insane people
#MyTCDoesntKnowI am 60 squirrels in a human suit.
Maybe Pile 11/02/2019 07:24
#MyTCDoesntKnowI never smile for a reason.
#MyTCDoesntKnowI exist so fuck him or her. I canโ€™t remember anymore.
Dรณnde Groovily 11/02/2019 07:16
#MyTCDoesntKnowI She actually knows quite a lot. For example, she knows she's my tc. And she knows that she looks like my wife and that's why she's my TC.
Insanely Sane 11/02/2019 07:08
#MyTCDoesntKnowI Don't know what TC is!? Is it @TacoCabana
#MyTCDoesntKnowI have 6 other TCs.
Emma Flinders 11/02/2019 07:05
#MyTCDoesntKnowI am slightly crazy
#MyTCDoesntKnowIโ€™m playing this tag right now.
Michael Mkerchyan 11/02/2019 07:03
#MyTCDoesntKnowI'm really just two kids in a trench coat.
tribetraveler 11/02/2019 07:03
#MyTCDoesntKnowI 'm 40% of their followers
Paul Boxshall 11/02/2019 07:03
#MyTCDoesntKnowI have a huge surprise lined up for her on Valentines. Oops she does now lol.
Emma Flinders 11/02/2019 07:02
#MyTCDoesntKnowI put loads of effort into stalking them
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