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Rose T 12/07/2019 04:03
All About the Pentiums, which I loved when it released, but has only gotten more hilarious with age. And Albuquerque, for sure. #MyFaveAl https:// twitter.com/GailSimone/sta tus/1149362162143387648   …
Nolan Void 12/07/2019 03:16
Ok. Parody: probably Yoda Original: any of a number of his band/genre pastiches, which are my favorite thing he does. (Dare To Be Stupid/Mr. Popeil/You Make Me). I could pick. #MyFaveAl https:// twitter.com/GailSimone/sta tus/1149362162143387648   …
#MyFaveAl songs are hard to pick 1. Yoda or Eat It 2. CNR or Pancreas @alyankovic has too many babies to play favories https:// twitter.com/GailSimone/sta tus/1149362162143387648   …
Sometimes I'll laugh out of nowhere and be unable to explain that I suddenly thought of #MyFaveAl parody: Smells Like Nirvana
J.O. 11/07/2019 11:08
Wow “Don’t Wear Those Shoes” is one of the deepest of cuts to pick! 1.) Almost all my faves are originals...but for a parody, today I’ll go with “Yo yo yo yo Yoda.” 2.) “Frank’s 2000” TV” without a doubt #MyFaveAl
YankovicAvidan 11/07/2019 11:06
#MyFaveAl At long last... a "Weird Al"-related Twitter hashtag game! My time has come. 1. Parody: "Party in the CIA"! 2. Non-parody/original: "Jackson Park Express"! Go forth, Twitter! Spread the Al love!
Favorite Parody: Amish Paradise Favorite Non-Parody: Everything You Know Is Wrong #MyFaveAl
Gail Simone 11/07/2019 06:10
So, I'm asking @alyankovic himself, just in case... Dear Al, Do you have a favorite of your songs, in each category, parody and original? Also, WE ALL LOVE YOU! #MyFaveAl
Tigra Pride 11/07/2019 05:53
#MyFaveAl 1. Parody? as a Lit nerd it's Word Crimes 2. Non-parody? Trigger Happy
Charles Skaggs 11/07/2019 05:36
1) Parody -- "Smells Like Nirvana" 2) Non-Parody -- "One More Minute" #MyFaveAl
#MyFaveAl 1) "Amish Paradise" as I lived in Central Pennsylvania for 8 years, that one really hit home & always makes me laugh! 2)"Mr. Popeil" because I grew up with those commercials!
1. It's All About the Pentiums ("Just about as useless as jpegs to Helen Keller" is one of the greatest lyrics of all time) 2. One More Minute (I used a line from the song as my senior quote in the yearbook and got yelled at for it. I stand by it.) #MyFaveAl
Gail Simone 11/07/2019 05:16
I also love, when you talk to actual musicians and comedians, they never disrespect Al. I love that he has the admiration of the music AND comedy worlds. #MyFaveAl
Dan 11/07/2019 05:12
Something I have STRONG opinions on! 1) Parody: White & Nerdy 2) Non-parody: Hardware Store Is favorite Polka next??? #MyFaveAl
Abdul R. Siddiqui 11/07/2019 05:06
Picking your favorite Weird Al song is like picking your favorite child--relatively easy Fave parody: White and Nerdy (it is an ode to nerd culture and we all learned Al can drop bars) Fave non-parody: Skipper Dan (I never thought Al would make me cry, but he did) #MyFaveAl
Gail Simone 11/07/2019 05:06
I think for me it's... 1) Parody, "A Complicated Song" some of his best wordplay, and 2) Non-parody, 'Don't Wear Those Shoes,' I've heard it a million times and it still makes me laugh. #MyFaveAl
Liz Walsh 11/07/2019 05:05
1) Smells Like Nirvana 2) Frank's 2000" TV #MyFaveAl
Per Börjeson 11/07/2019 05:05
Parody: Amish Paradise Non-parody: Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota #MyFaveAl
Stephen Geigen-Miller 11/07/2019 05:04
1) I love 'Jurassic Park' which manages to be both more concise and *make more sense* than the song it's based on! 2) 'Albuquerque' I'd have included a polka medley but I wasn't sure which category they belong in and also I love them all! #MyFaveAl https:// twitter.com/GailSimone/sta tus/1149362162143387648   …
Opus 11/07/2019 05:04
Fav parody: Tacky Non parody: Dare to be Stupid And cmon... those polka medleys? #MyFaveAl
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