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Rajani Udan 16/01/2020 09:33
Love you Asim best moment ,ur smile #MorePowerToYouAsim
It is always said that the best friends make the worst enemies. The quote was well proved on Bigg Boss 13 after the once BFFs Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz turned into arch rivals. In fact, their ...
imran khan 18/01/2020 07:42
Yesterday born my niece and I give him name Asim #MorePowerToYouAsim
U expect asim tumhari pooja kare ab, in your dreams! #MorePowerToYouAsim Furthermore, Umar also slammed Shefali and stated that she has no right to talk about friendship as she failed to prove her ...
MOHD_AYAN_09 15/01/2020 05:13
#MorePowerToYouAsim vote public vote for our favourite ASIM RIAZ (OUR STAR BOY)
Slow claps #AsimRiaz #MorePowerToYouAsim pic.twitter.com/N4Rjn5eUDV — (@itsme_snehaa) January 15, 2020 Furthermore, Parag also asked Shefali to start playing the game on the front foot and stay strong ...
hayley 18/01/2020 04:59
Guys he is so close to 1million #MorePowerToYouAsim #asimriaz1million
Fans of Asim Riaz trolled Kamya Punjabi as they were seen using the #MorePowerToYouAsim. Many of them took a dig at the former contestant saying that she is getting paid to support Sidharth Shukla.
Anjaana Dost 15/01/2020 10:07
Please make 1million Asim's insta official page #MorePowerToYouAsim #ViewersChoiceAsim #AsimFandomHits6M #MorePowerToYouAsim #ViewersChoiceAsim #AsimFandomHits6M
Himanshi Jangid 16/01/2020 01:41
Position to win Bigg Boss 13 #MorePowerToYouAsim
Asim Lovers 18/01/2020 09:37
right. we are one family. so now we have to need help each other. #AsiManshi #IStandByAsim #MorePowerToYouAsim https:// twitter.com/TeamAsimRiaz00 7/status/1218590990698549248   …
Asim Lovers 18/01/2020 08:37
thanks. di #AsiMansi #IStandByAsim #MorePowerToYouAsim https:// twitter.com/realhimanshi/s tatus/1218629070298050560   …
What the hell guyzz hum picche chl re h #MorePowerToYouAsim #GutterMouthVindu
He is chuklas's advance version.. nothing else... #MorePowerToYouAsim https:// twitter.com/ColorsTV/statu s/1218578114982371329   …
Sultan 18/01/2020 03:32
So #GutterMouthVindu I hope u learned something from hero #AsimRaiz #MorePowerToYouAsim
Tirtha 18/01/2020 03:03
vote For #AsimRiaz #MorePowerToYouAsim #GutterMouthVindu https:// twitter.com/pinkvilla/stat us/1218459262319378432   …
Harshit Tripathi 18/01/2020 12:24
This man deserves to win..!! #MorePowerToYouAsim
Team Asim Riaz 18/01/2020 09:20
Guys vote for Asim These poll are more important than trending #AsimRiaz #AsiManshi #MorePowerToYouAsim https:// twitter.com/pinkvilla/stat us/1218459262319378432   …
Guys if you even love #AsimRiaz a little bit, please use the following trend: #VinduIsTheRealChuslet. Please guys I know no negative trends and all but he really said too much shit to Asim. Lets show him his place now. Please guys!! #MorePowerToYouAsim
sristy 18/01/2020 05:19
New script of bb is to bring sid and Rashmi closer......by cute cute things..looking so fake #MorePowerToYouAsim
Tanya 17/01/2020 06:24
Ufffff you are also winning hearts by your tweets! #AsimRiaz #MorePowerToYouAsim #WhenRiazBrothersMet https:// twitter.com/iambohemia/sta tus/1218222595968917504   …
The difference betw asim and sid family week.. kise dekhene k liye sb betab the #MorePowerToYouAsim
Srimalaya Sourav Varun 16/01/2020 12:22
Such a cute & wonderful bonding between 2 brothers..I literally cried after seeing this clip @imrealasim @realumarriaz both are cute brothers.I wish @imrealasim win the BB season-13 & he will act in Bollywood movies #MorePowerToYouAsim #ViewersChoiceAsim https:// twitter.com/AsimRiaz_FC/st atus/1217734029534871552   …
Special for you #AsimSquad Must watch guy's Retweet Now #AsimRiazForTheWin #AsimWinningHearts #AsimRiazFever #MorePowerToYouAsim
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