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Fatima Karim 10/08/2018 10:17
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay a promise from Allah : ( That Day mankind will proceed in scattered groups that they may be shown their deeds. So Whoever has done an atom’s weight of good will see it. And whoever has done an atom’s weight of evil will see it ) Q99:6–8 #FridayFeeling
Holy Bible Today 10/08/2018 06:46
#WhatIStandUpForIn4Words Giving care to sick Giving food to hungry Giving clothes to naked Giving refuge to strangers Giving comfort to prisoners #IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay To be ready as Jesus demands Matthew 25:31-46 #God #Jesus #HolySpirit #ThursdayThoughts #FridayFeeling
A.Silver-MeMEs & GIFs 10/08/2018 05:50
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay I will be spending eternity in Hell.
wraub 10/08/2018 05:44
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay then this is Judgement Eve and I didn't leave milk and cookies out for Satan
  ❄ Tell Ya  ❄ 10/08/2018 05:42
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay Meet me under the moon tonight.
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay Meet me under the moon tonight. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/PetUbIsW47
Lisa Lemon 10/08/2018 05:38
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay then I better go to the store for some marshmallows and roasting sticks.
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay I'm going out with a bang.
WhackyWookiee 10/08/2018 05:27
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay I Should Probably Pack...
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay   I Should Probably Pack... <br>http://pic.twitter.com/Ep9bRXqCi8
Brie Queso 10/08/2018 05:11
I have no time #IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay
Joseph Pazerunas 10/08/2018 05:10
There better be cake #IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay
matt 10/08/2018 05:09
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay I better drink up
Brie Queso 10/08/2018 05:08
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay I'll wish I'd have had more desserts today!
Jules  🐼   🌷 10/08/2018 05:06
I would say goodbye and wave happily #IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay I’ll try to remember to live tweet it
Vic 10/08/2018 05:05
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay … practice your zig and zag.
  ❄ - jane -   ❄ 10/08/2018 05:05
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay we are ALL in for a rude awakening
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay What would be the difference? You’re likely already being judged daily.
Secia G 10/08/2018 05:04
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay then I better delete my browser history right now!
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay then I’ve had a good run, I guess
Jason   🤣   💨 10/08/2018 05:02
#IfTomorrowIsJudgementDay we’re all screwed
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