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Rakesh Sharma 14/02/2020 02:38
बोया पेड़ बबूल का, आम कहाँ से होय! Modi government brought Indian economy to its knees in the first term thru personal genius ideas like #DemonetisationDisaster & #GSTmess. In any mature democracy, voters’d punish such inept policy-making/ governance, not reward with 303 seats! https:// twitter.com/aatishtaseer/s tatus/1228124909920038918   …
Pariah India Mon, 17 Feb 2020 06:00:00 GMT
For three decades, India's self-branding as the world’s fastest-growing free-market democracy worked, with world leaders queuing up to visit New Delhi and burdening a generation of diplomatic protocol ...
Akash Banerjee 08/11/2019 11:46
So how many channels are having a debate/special about #DeMonetisationDisaster tonight on Prime Time? (Or shall @TheDeshBhakt have to do the needful at 8pm?)
Rakesh Sharma 19/02/2020 06:48
#Demonetisation was a masterstroke! It eliminated black money, terror funding and fake currency. India became #LessCash #CashLess and fully digital. #NoteBandi got the #UNESCO award for the best #DemonetisationDisaster ever. https:// twitter.com/cvbharati/stat us/1229313789675229184   …
Since 2014 if #NarendraModi had worked on second generation reforms instead of giving us quixotic #DeMonetisationDisaster n #GabbarSinghTax, today the world could have easily sourced their requirements from India! #coronavirus #WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayThoughts #NamasteTrump https:// twitter.com/economictimes/ status/1230009115461726208   …
Rakesh Sharma 18/02/2020 07:27
Send them to Pakistan. Anti-nationals, all these consumers! First time in India, we have a decisive leader, action-oriented. Why are they unhappy with personal genius ideas like #DemonetisationDisaster or great policy-making like #GSTmess #NoJobs #LowGDP https://www. indiatoday.in/news-analysis/ story/consumer-confidence-lowest-modi-tenure-rbi-1606312-2019-10-04   …
Joiel Akilan 17/02/2020 08:37
#DemonetisationDisaster had everything
Prof Of Democracy 15/02/2020 08:48
So Economist Modi will take the Final call.. Like #demonetisationDisaster
Hey #RishiSunak, #NarendraModi has been pleading with us for ideas to revive India's economy that he screwed with #DeMonetisationDisaster n #GabbarSinghTax. As nothing is working can you please give India's PM n FM #NirmalaSitharaman some ideas? #RollBackHike #Budget2020 https:// twitter.com/ShashiTharoor/ status/1227960210712432643   …
Elizabeth 12/02/2020 08:11
At least @PChidambaram_IN gave due credit to @AamAadmiParty after the elections. What was Pranab Mukherjee supporting #DemonetisationDisaster just before UP elections. https:// economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics- and-nation/president-pranab-mukherjee-backs-demonetisation-bats-for-simultaneous-polls/articleshow/56782106.cms?from=mdr   …
Rakesh Sharma 01/02/2020 02:13
Is he talking of the same leader who unleashed his very own personal genius idea to “shoot at the tires of a racing car” - #DemonetisationDisaster that caused severe damage to #IndianEconomy?! And #GSTmess - can there be a worse example of inept policy-making & governance? https:// twitter.com/hvgoenka/statu s/1223248613213532161   …
Suryanarayan Ganesh 24/12/2019 04:40
"Everybody should be clear of the sequence" : @AmitShah Nazis -> Hitler -> Auschwitz -> Final Solution -> Hindutva --> RSS -> BJP -> Babri Riot Yatra -> #WeakPayee -> Gujarat riots -> #HitlerModi -> #DemonetisationDisaster -> NPR -> CAA -> NRC -> New India Solution #NPRisNRC
K. C. Singh 14/12/2019 03:46
How the haze disappears from eyes once gov deputation ends. Was he as brave in office when #demonetisationdisaster loomed ? https:// twitter.com/Nidhi/status/1 205685267639734273   …
“Time to focus on ailing economy, not religious issues. The #NRC was a trap. The #CAB is also a trap” says @MamataOfficial (She called the #demonetisationdisaster an hour after it was announced).
Swati Chaturvedi 01/12/2019 02:37
Rajul Bajaj is a rockstar, in the craven ranks of India inc. Rajeev Bajaj was also the first one to call nutty #DeMonetisationDisaster https:// twitter.com/TheDeshBhakt/s tatus/1200853612814954496   …
Srinivas B V 30/11/2019 02:03
Jobs, tax, real estate, farm incomes, manufacturing, digitisation, etc. A look back at all the failures of #DeMonetisationDisaster #BJPHataoDeshBachao https://www. business-standard.com/article/econom y-policy/demonetisation-3-years-on-a-look-at-impact-on-key-sectors-of-the-economy-119110701482_1.html   …
Swati Chaturvedi 15/11/2019 02:11
Dear @PMOIndia the data is not suspect your economic handling is. The truth is you shot the economy in the foot with the Modi made disaster #DeMonetisationDisaster
Whoever made this Salute the Singer #EconomyZameenPar #DeMonetisationDisaster #आओ_मोदी_चौराहे_पर
Indian Economy In Recession Thanks To Demonetisation, Says Economist Arun Kumar, a black money expert. Demonisation was a blow to Indian economy. So irresponsible on Govt's part to implement such weird policy. #LootBootKiSarkar #DeMonetisationDisaster https:// m.huffingtonpost.in/entry/indian-e conomy-recession-demonetisation-black-money_in_5dc53e34e4b00927b231296c?ncid=other_whatsapp_catgqis0hqm&utm_campaign=share_whatsapp   …
Ashok Gehlot 11/11/2019 08:57
120 Lives were lost due to #Demonetisation. The people would certainly hold NDA government responsible for this short –sighted decision even though the govt may try to shun the responsibility for the same. #DeMonetisationDisaster 5/
Ashok Gehlot 11/11/2019 08:55
The International ranking of country has been put in the’ negative’ category. The assault of #Demonetisation on the country 3 years back destroyed the economy of the country and many lives were also lost due to this. #DeMonetisationDisaster 2/
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