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Kuwa Taka 11/10/2018 01:32
#CareerGoalsVsCareerReality I always wanted to be a beautiful model, well I'm a model..
#CareerGoalsVsCareerReality I always wanted to be a beautiful model, well I'm a model.. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/zTxcodwl6H
Jules  🐼   🌷 11/10/2018 11:14
I wanted to be rich and do nothing, I’m doing nothing... #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
#CareerGoalsVsCareerReality Originally I wanted to be an actor or performer up on a stage. In reality I "perform" daily for an always appreciative audience of 4 and 5 year olds
Wanted to be a sommelier but got fired for making pour decisions. #CareerGoalsVSCareerReality
Goal: work from home, in jammies, and make millions! Reality: Lives in car, dirt poor, but rocks the jammies! #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
I wanted to be a baseball sportscaster. Reality? No one wants to hear “ooooh, he’s cute!” #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
DavaStarr 11/10/2018 10:38
I wanted to love my job and coworkers I hate my job and 95.9% of my coworkers #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
Cleavage Crumbs 11/10/2018 10:36
#CareerGoalsVsCareerReality Six-figure salary by age 30 -vs- Selling your dirty underwear online to make your rent
CK 11/10/2018 10:33
Always wanted to be a Superhero, but no one appreciates “Wonder Why I Walked in This Room Woman”. #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
Christy Murphy 11/10/2018 10:33
I thought I’d be a rich and famous writer but instead I’m playing hashtag games at 3:30 in the morning. Buy my books. #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
I want a yacht, so instead I ride the Staten Island ferry #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
I think this GIF sums it up for most of us... #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
Roe Loves Peace & Quiet 11/10/2018 10:31
I always wanted to bodyslam Giants, instead I get to chalk outline dead bodies #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
Cameron Grant 11/10/2018 10:30
Goals: Taking the day off. Reality: Working everyday. #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
MFB 11/10/2018 10:29
Everyone wants to be the boss until they meet the employees #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
#CareerGoalsVSCareerReality Boss: Could you put together a presentation of how we’re going to revamp sales in 2019 by 8am tomorrow? Me: sure!! *googles how to enter witness protection without committing a crime*
Dale 11/10/2018 10:29
Always figured I would be a rockstar but ended up leveling up on Guitar Hero in between looking at the help wanted section. #CareerGoalsVsCareerReality
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