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CMT 26/03/2020 02:13
We're not crying. You're crying. "Peter Pan" gets us every time, but it's on a whole new level when @halsey and @kelseaballerini team up! #CMTcrossroads facebook.com/watch/?v=32441 6628533506   …
Their Crossroads episode airs Wednesday, March 25 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CMT. If you don’t have cable, you can watch CMT Crossroads: Halsey & Kelsea Ballerini live or on-demand on your computer, phone, ...
Kelsea Ballerini 26/03/2020 02:02
when I say it was raining, I mean it was RAINING. and a random cold front. we almost had to postpone the entire show. BUT. after a big storm delay, we were able to go perform to the AMAZING humans that waited through it all. #CMTcrossroads
Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey performed a joint session for CMT Crossroads last year and have shared a rendition of Ballerini’s “The Other Girl.” The collaborative performance, which was filmed at ...
CMT 26/03/2020 02:23
"Does it ever get lonely? Thinking you could live without me." Yes, queens! That was one serious powerhouse performance of "Without Me." #CMTcrossroads watch here facebook.com/CMTCrossroads/ videos/656522928482191/   …
VideoVideo related to rain storm can’t stop ‘cmt crossroads: halsey & kelsea ballerini’ filming on october 11 2020-03-25T21:30:23-04:00 According to the Time and Date past weather service, on Friday, ...
CMT Hot 20 Countdown 25/03/2020 11:59
[email protected] made her presence KNOWN in Nashville on the night she and @KelseaBallerini became besties Catch the story behind her slight mishap right here, and be sure to tune in for the most girl power-packed episode of #CMTCrossroads TONIGHT at 10/9c on @cmt!.
If you're looking for catchy songs to add to your music playlist, look no further than Halsey and Kelsea Ballerini's CMT Crossroads performances. The singers are set to join forces for the special on ...
Hi I’m Megan 26/03/2020 02:55
We need a whole ass album of Halsey and Kelsey singing!! #CMTcrossroads
Kelsea Ballerini’s brand new album features a duet with her pal, Halsey, and the ladies teamed up to sing the track together while filming their episode of ‘CMT Crossroads.’ Kelsea and Halsey have ...
CMT 26/03/2020 02:33
[email protected] @kelseaballerini. "Graveyard." GO. WATCH. NOW. #CMTcrossroads youtu.be/gnHfpCLkZ1w  
Kelsea Ballerini 26/03/2020 02:50
anything @StevieNicks anytime always. that’s it. that’s the tweet. #CMTcrossroads
CMT 26/03/2020 02:36
Sing it with me now… What if I told you the world wouldn't end If you started showing what's under your skin? #CMTcrossroads facebook.com/cmt/videos/200 228634523342/   …
CMT 26/03/2020 02:57
THIS IS ART Here's @halsey and @kelseaballerini's performance of "Colors" from #CMTCrossroads facebook.com/watch/?v=25354 98116665915   …
CMT 26/03/2020 03:04
Never going to get over @halsey & @kelseaballerini and this incredible #CMTcrossroads night! Thank y'all for tuning in facebook.com/watch/?v=28096 11875788640   …
Hailey  🦋 26/03/2020 02:24
My favorite night ever and I get to relive it on TV tonight #CMTcrossroads
My favorite night ever and I get to relive it on TV tonight #CMTcrossroads <br>http://pic.twitter.com/PSLHoqUb3A
CMT 26/03/2020 02:47
What. A. Night. @halsey and @kelseaballerini brought the house down with this powerhouse performance of "Dreams" by @fleetwoodmac! #CMTcrossroads facebook.com/watch/?v=90658 2153124357   …
CMT 25/03/2020 02:00
24 HOURS, PEOPLE. @halsey. @kelseaballerini. #CMTcrossroads. SEE YOU THERE.
CMT 26/03/2020 01:44
#CMTcrossroads is on in just 15 minutes! We're bringing the popcorn. @KelseaBallerini, can you bring the wine?
CMT 26/03/2020 01:58
Watch with us and @KelseaBallerini & let us know what you think #CMTcrossroads https:// twitter.com/KelseaBallerin i/status/1242993551090352131   …
CMT 25/03/2020 09:00
Nashville's bringing the rain BUT @Halsey and @KelseaBallerini have got the music Catch them TONIGHT on an epic #CMTCrossroads at 10/9c on CMT!
My Country Music 30/03/2020 07:53
RT CMT: .Halsey and Kelsea Ballerini brought us to tears with their performance of "Peter Pan"! #CMTcrossroads Watch the full performance here: https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=qAb0vv E9PT4   …
#CMTCrossroads @KelseaBallerini & @halsey is pure goosebumps and magic
Brooke Gifford 27/03/2020 11:14
Fan girl-ing watching #CMTcrossroads with @KelseaBallerini & @halsey
Jacqueline 26/03/2020 05:14
I’m so in love right now with the concert of #cmtcrossroads #halsey
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