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Best tweets:

Cease said him and Kitty were never together. But now that’s your ex when Ryan want her? #BlackInkCrew
Black Ink: Chicago star Charmaine Walker is a new mom. The 31-year-old television personality and her husband, Nick Bey, welcomed their first child, daughter Nola Glenda, on Saturday. Walker gave ...
Mo 26/03/2020 12:32
I love Kit idc that's my bitch, she got the whole team pressed and she along with Ryan getting two checks lmao #BlackInkCrew
Ne-Yo’s estranged wife Crystal Smith is ready to move on from the home she shares with the singer following their split. Crystal posted a photo of looking at home brochures captioned, “House hunting” ...
Mo 26/03/2020 01:02
"I'm opening up Black Ink Chicago." Meanwhile you getting evicted in YOUR city #BlackInkCrew
To this day I don’t see what Kitty did wrong. Can someone let me know? #BlackInkCrew
KATHY 26/03/2020 12:54
Stop taking your anger about your dad out on Kitty! All of them are so pressed about this woman. She done moved to an whole other state and ya’ll still pressed! Let it go! #BlackInkCrew
Brii  ♍️ 26/03/2020 12:58
So Donna saying Kit a hoe but wasn’t you smashing everybody in black ink and was with Alex in the bathroom when you had a man #BlackInkCrew
July 19 26/03/2020 12:34
#BlackInkCrew Tati: it looks like Kitt trade in her New York friends for her Chicago friends Ummmm bitch u must’ve forgot what u did last season. WTF is wrong with u & Donna
And just like that bae is cancelled! #blackinkcrew
slippery   😘 26/03/2020 12:30
Ryan sexy af #BlackInkCrew
PinkIce 26/03/2020 12:47
How is Kitty your ex when you didn’t even claim her?! #BlackInkCrew
Cheria (ReRe) 26/03/2020 12:59
Ok now Bae I have lost all respect. At this point all of yall are crazy and need serious help. Kitt enjoy your life hunni. I’m bout done with this storyline. #BlackInkCrew
Color Me Bougie 26/03/2020 12:37
First of ALL Donna...the whole, entire DMV got Kitty’s back #blackinkcrew
NeeNee 26/03/2020 12:44
And you know they fake fake cuz how tf Bae got a problem with Kit too a scripted tragedy #blackinkcrewny #blackinkcrew
Cheria (ReRe) 26/03/2020 12:46
Alex bout to fight somebody over Donna and her side boo standing next to her. #BlackInkCrew
James Fulford 26/03/2020 12:51
Y’all see the difference between Cesar and @TheRyanHenry Cesar ain’t stopping no fights or standing up for nobody. Meanwhile, my boy Ryan not having that shit especially in front of his business #blackinkcrew
For Kitty to just be Ceaser’s ‘friend’ he’s acting mighty bothered #BlackinkCrew #blackinkcrewny
Mr.Gemini  ♊ 26/03/2020 12:29
9Mag walking in like #BlackInkCrew
ItsKitSovain 26/03/2020 01:15
That heaux spoke on my deceased mother?! She gotta catch the fade now! Scary ass bitch! #BlackInkCrew
You hope these Chicago what ..what Donna! Donna sis you don’t want them problems. We got you kit no worries #blackinkcrew
songbird   ✨ 26/03/2020 02:11
Ceased literally called Donna a bitch numerous times, fired her ass so many times I lost count and clowned her tatto skills on national television, and you riding for him and the shop like he won’t call you a bitch and fire u next week #BlackInkCrew
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