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Best tweets:

Jillian 15/05/2019 06:01
#AtMyAgencyWe have the best office manager
#AtMyAgencyWe have the best office manager <br>http://pic.twitter.com/vBqU9vBWJ8
Matt Johnson 15/05/2019 07:49
#AtMyAgencyWe bring stank-ass portraits to the world, totally free on the daily.
#AtMyAgencyWe bring stank-ass portraits to the world, totally free on the daily. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/yMrh0r6pDN
Karmin 15/05/2019 06:30
#AtMyAgencyWe are non profit so I can’t yell “Show me the money.”
❦Ꮰ❦ 15/05/2019 06:19
#AtMyAgencyWe will treat you nicely ...unless you pay us not to
#AtMyAgencyWe have no health benefits...
Just Erin   🦄 15/05/2019 06:12
#AtMyAgencyWe smile on the outside while regaling your stupidity on the inside.
Ⓑⓔⓣⓗ 15/05/2019 06:11
#AtMyAgencyWe believe in doing things ourselves because people suck.
#AtMyAgencyWe believe in doing things ourselves because people suck. <br>http://pic.twitter.com/V721NtRvRX
Billie 15/05/2019 06:08
#AtMyAgencyWe give days off if you had wild sex the night before.
Just My Imagination 15/05/2019 06:04
#AtMyAgencyWe run in while you're running out.
Emma Flinders 15/05/2019 06:03
#AtMyAgencyWe don't encourage team building in any way, shape or form
Just My Imagination 15/05/2019 06:02
#AtMyAgencyWe wear pink on Wednesdays.
My Bad 15/05/2019 06:02
#AtMyAgencyWe aim to please. You aim too, please.
The Notorious B.E.C.K.Y 15/05/2019 06:02
#AtMyAgencyWe stay positive & rough up all that negativity!
  🤬 Marilyn  🤬 15/05/2019 06:02
#AtMyAgencyWe only hire women.
Mukamphetamine   🎋 15/05/2019 06:02
#AtMyAgencyWe hire people for no reason at all....so come on in!
Sammy is here 520 15/05/2019 06:02
#AtMyAgencyWe hire all cats
Just My Imagination 15/05/2019 06:02
#AtMyAgencyWe delve into the most private parts of your life: your car.
#AtMyAgencyWe all sit under our desks and drink wine.
#AtMyAgencyWe Encourage eating cake and chocolate ... while on the job @TagRecall
  🤬 Marilyn  🤬 15/05/2019 06:01
#AtMyAgencyWe hire untalented fools.
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