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Steven Lane 27/06/2019 03:14
Thank you @Angels for giving me some bragging rights in my house against my Reds loving wife! Let’s go to Cincy in August and get two more from them! #DividedHouse #TheHaloWay #AngelsRadioSocial
Angels Radio AM830 27/06/2019 02:58
A special shout-out to tonight's #AngelsRadioSocial prize winners: - Prize pack: @ShaunBryan89 - Fletcher photo: @IanArr95 - Ausmus ball: @taurean1977 - Trout/La Stella ball: @uhhangelsfan Don't worry - there's plenty of chances to win throughout the rest of the season!
Angels Radio AM830 27/06/2019 02:53
ANGELS WIN! A huge "THANK YOU" to everyone who participated in tonight's #AngelsRadioSocial Day! Mark your calendars for our next Social Media Day on Wednesday, July 31st as the Angels take on the Detroit Tigers.
LA Angels UK 27/06/2019 02:53
LTBU! Back over .500 and a nice short series sweep over @UKRedsMLB - Bed Time. Night all #TheHaloWay #AngelsRadioSocial
Angels Radio AM830 27/06/2019 02:45
What an unBOURlievable #AngelsRadioSocial Day this is turning out to be, are we right @Angels?
LA Angels UK 27/06/2019 01:52
Yes - I think with the analytics available to teams these days we should use any opportunity to try and get an advantage. If limiting certain pitchers to only having to face the top of a lineup twice is helping the Angels to win games then it’s a positive #AngelsRadioSocial
Jason Presley 27/06/2019 01:32
Come on Halo Nation. Everybody go vote for @TommyLaStella and @MikeTrout . We gotta get our boys to the Allstar game. #AngelsRadioSocial
Christian Ilten 27/06/2019 12:48
#AngelsRadioSocial Griffin Canning has to be considered the best SP to this point... been a breath of life to the Halos that was definitely necessary! We expect great things from the kid in the future! #TheHaloWay #VoteLaStella
Trent Rush 27/06/2019 12:37
Halos Faithful can't let this happen! Let's go!!! #AngelsRadioSocial #AngelsRecap #VoteLaStella https:// twitter.com/MattBirch12/st atus/1144041769438343168   …
Jarathen 27/06/2019 12:14
Mowing the lawn on a muggy night in Iowa, listening to the Angels try get back over .500. I’ll be there in person in just a couple weeks as the team starts to hit their 2nd half stride. #AngelsRadioSocial
Trent Rush 15/05/2019 08:57
Even though Angels lost, this was an overwhelming success. Our best ever!!! Thanks for being a part of Angels Radio history! Our next Social Media Day will be June 26th. #AngelsRadioSocial https:// twitter.com/AngelsRadioKLA A/status/1128765927296647168   …
Another hit today for @MikeTrout. That’s 1,225 for his career. Only 1,775 away from 3,000. #Trout3000 #AngelsRadioSocial #AngelsRecap
Trent Rush 15/05/2019 07:56
Let’s go!! #AngelsRadioSocial
Let’s go!! #AngelsRadioSocial <br>http://pic.twitter.com/kQZpssCV0F
Garrison Nauman 15/05/2019 07:41
Definitely Kole Calhoun! He is vocal and has always showed great energy and comradery. He might even have some extra managerial experience under his belt after his paternity leave! #AngelsRadioSocial
Jenn 15/05/2019 07:41
Irvine #AngelsRadioSocial @BRlFFGRAFF needs that more than anyone. Thank you
please sign matt harvey 15/05/2019 07:34
literally everyone retweet and tag me @TrentRushSports @AngelsRadioKLAA and #AngelsRadioSocial and let’s win this thang twitter https:// twitter.com/AngelsRadioKLA A/status/1128722718197571584   …
please sign matt harvey 15/05/2019 07:33
UMMMMM @AngelsRadioKLAA I NEED THE JERSEY #AngelsRadioSocial ITS ONLY FAIR <br>http://pic.twitter.com/nvBgifRHnr
Nick Kotchik 15/05/2019 07:22
I’m a huge Angels fan and watch every game from Eugene Oregon. Never been to the Big A but would love to watch the freeway series there #AngelsRadioSocial
Shannon Lovejoy 15/05/2019 07:16
Hey y'all! I'm listening in Oxford, MS! (Well, technically, I'm in Dogtown, MS...) But both places are in the great USA! #AngelsRadioSocial
Anaheim Sports 15/05/2019 07:12
Congrats Jared Walsh (@Walshey21) 1st MLB Hit #TheHaloWay #AngelsRadioSocial
Congrats Jared Walsh (@Walshey21) 1st MLB Hit  #TheHaloWay  #AngelsRadioSocial <br>http://pic.twitter.com/ZHoRupXYYa
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