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Blavity Politics 21/07/2019 08:00
Sen. Kamala Harris raised more than $160,000 for abortion organizations in the wake of #AlabamaAbortionBan https:// buff.ly/2X2899p  
Sen. Kamala Harris raised more than $160,000 for abortion organizations in the wake of #AlabamaAbortionBan  https:// buff.ly/2X2899p     <br>http://pic.twitter.com/hkW3K4xk2P
MONTGOMERY, Ala. - The strictest abortion law in the country has an effective date of November 15th, but court challenges mean it's on hold for the foreseeable future. Alabama made headlines when ...
Akym MisholRinkovsky 20/07/2019 06:32
~ If I may ... Sis those would be the fanatic's from E-block. The (Evangelical's the #AlabamaSenate, the Governor => @GoveronrKaylvey & #AlabamaAbortionBan) ~ Yet that is only one state, there are 13, more trying to do the same ~ And that's only the start
The Russian punk band's much-anticipated concert to raise money to fight Alabama's abortion ban has gone ahead without incident despite a number of protesters gathering outside the venue. Russian ...
Akym MisholRinkovsky 19/07/2019 03:58
~ Way to go @DUALIPA ~ These folks @Governorkaylvey and the #AlabamaAbortionBan are by definition; "A fanatic one whom believes God speaks to them alone Telling them they are the fire of purification America needs" One state already & 13 more trying This is a big-deal
CLEVELAND, Ohio — U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to not take up a case that challenged Alabama’s law banning a common second-trimester abortion method has little immediate bearing on a similar law in ...
Everyday BlackMen 18/07/2019 11:39
New Podcast! "Black People's Votes" on @Spreaker #alabamaabortionban #andrewyang #berniesanders #blackmen #blackpeoplesvotes #blackpodcast #choosewisely #controversial #dopeblackpods #everyday #ilovemakonnen #joebiden #kamalaharris #lit #podcast https://www. spreaker.com/user/10627176/ epi53p1?autoplay=1   …
WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Friday turned down an appeal asking it to revive an Alabama law that would have banned the procedure used in the vast majority of second-trimester abortions. As is ...
Savana E Degatina 17/07/2019 03:56
Issues in our country: Racism, women’s rights, global warming, children in cages & the US president negatively impacting the above issues. #HumanRights #AlabamaAbortionBan #ClimateAction #BorderCrisis #CloseTheCamps #ConcentrationCamps #AnybodyButTrump2020 #equality #RacistTrump
The Supreme Court will not take up an Alabama law that bans an abortion procedure commonly used in the second trimester of pregnancy. The decision means that the ban on the procedure remains blocked, ...
Oz, of House Feminist 27/06/2019 01:21
So. A pregnant woman in Alabama was shot in the stomach. She’s now being prosecuted for manslaughter. Her shooter... is not. Welcome to your Dystopian future. #alabamahateswomen #AlabamaAbortionBan #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #BansOffMyBody
Dr Mark D'Arcy 18/06/2019 07:05
Is "A Handmaids Tale," a documentary about Alabama 'Today', and I was just misinformed that it was fiction #AlabamaAbortionBan
Minnie Driver 15/06/2019 08:27
This country was founded on the separation of Church and state. Even though it’s the very least of this atrocity - What Godless fucking hypocrisy . #alabama #AlabamaAbortionBan https:// twitter.com/wvjoe911/statu s/1139615325962588160   …
Ann Coulter 08/06/2019 07:50
He's a trust fund baby. #MassiveInheritanceTaxMightWork #AlabamaAbortionBan https:// wapo.st/2WvBexS  
Susan B. Anthony List 03/06/2019 12:20
Abortion advocates are using the same old failed argument of “what about the kids in foster care?” Well, Alabama families have a very clear answer to that question... https://www. liveaction.org/news/alabama-r ecord-adoptions-foster-care   … #ProLife #AlabamaAbortionBan
Hell hath no fury... 01/06/2019 12:40
In the grand scheme of things the state probably wouldn't miss his paltry $100 in gas revenue, but to honor the women in his life, he wouldn't give Alabama a damned dime of his money. #MenWhoCare #AbortionIsAWomansRight #AlabamaAbortionBan
John Pavlovitz 31/05/2019 11:40
Alabama just passed the harshest anti-abortion law in the country. Alabama also just executed its second grown human being in two weeks. This is the "pro-life" movement at work. https:// johnpavlovitz.com/2019/05/13/if- white-conservatives-loved-all-people-the-way-they-do-embryos/   … #FridayFeeling #FridayMotivation #AlabamaAbortionBan
No one likes abortion. Everyone wants to prevent. Problem is Republican policy of ignorance. If you want to prevent needless abortion you offer free birth control, sexual education and healthcare access. Not exact opposite. Abstinence is not effective policy #AlabamaAbortionBan
Fair Agenda 29/05/2019 03:14
PSA: To those shocked and horrified about the #AlabamaAbortionBan and other steps to control women's right to choose in the #US here is a friendly reminder that abortion is still criminalised in NSW & SA. Read more: https://www. elle.com.au/news/abortion- laws-australia-nsw-sa-20574   … @clementine_ford @JaneCaro @rubyhamad
G.T. Lem 29/05/2019 12:31
Maxime Bernier says he wants "guidelines" for women seeking an #Abortion in her third trimester #cdnpoli #cdnmedia #elxn43 #ProchoiceBecause #ProChoiceAlways #AbortionIsAWomansRight #AlabamaAbortionBan #WomensRightsAreHumanRights
Cigarheadz 28/05/2019 05:38
Check out episode 23 we discuss our thoughts on the new actor playing #Batman We also touch a little bit on the #AlabamaAbortionBan plus much more. Be sure not to miss our review on the #vivalavida by @artesanotobacco You can listen to us here cigarheadz.buzzsprout.com /  
Serene Jones 28/05/2019 01:20
Glad @RevDrBarber is preaching against deep hypocrisy, Was it pro-life to block Medicaid expansion? Is it pro-life to drug test food stamp recipients? Is it pro-life to execute prisoners? #AlabamaAbortionBan proponents are pro-forced-birth but show policy contempt for life. https:// twitter.com/GuthrieGF/stat us/1133352094986113024   …
Rev. William Barber II, @PPact, @splcenter and local groups are teaming up today to protest the #AlabamaAbortionBan. Barber will surely talk about GOP hypocrisy in not being consistently “pro-life” but appearing w/ Planned Parenthood seems significant re: abortion access.
This! #ProChoice #AlabamaAbortionBan
This! #ProChoice #AlabamaAbortionBan <br>http://pic.twitter.com/BYQ0gcXn26
Cynthia Reed 27/05/2019 03:30
What @KathieAllenMD says. “For those in the back...” Exactly. Please try to keep up. #AlabamaAbortionBan #RightToChoose
What @KathieAllenMD says. “For those in the back...” Exactly. Please try to keep up. #AlabamaAbortionBan #RightToChoose<br>http://pic.twitter.com/vfapjlJDd3
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