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I was stuck in the nose bleeds last night but seeing this reaction at @nathfreeman9 kicking his 1st goal last night gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that not many StK fans have had in 2018. #OnYaFreeza #AFLDonsSaints
The incredible mark was the talk of social media: Daniher almost hit the roof 😳 #AFLDonsSaints — St Kilda FC (@stkildafc) July 10, 2016 DANIHER!!!!! What a grab. #AFLDonsSaints — Triple M Footy (@tri...
S a r a h D u f f y 10/08/2018 01:45
Last Home Game of the 2018 season - love working with this guy @colerintoul #EFC #Bombers #AFLDonsSaints @EssendonFC
Last Home Game of the 2018 season - love working with this guy @colerintoul #EFC #Bombers #AFLDonsSaints @EssendonFC<br>http://pic.twitter.com/1iesqRlm62
Rising Star Saint more than just a goalsneak Mon, 06 Jul 2015 03:15:00 GMT
How's this for a goal! Lonie threads the eye of the needle #AFLDonsSaints http://t.co/UVQFR8xSrd — AFL (@AFL) July 5, 2015 He has also been part of five Saints wins but none of them measure up to the ...
3AW Football 10/08/2018 01:44
His name didn't fit SHAWRY'S VOTES 5. A McDonald-Tipungwuti 4. A McGrath 3. Z Merrett 2. D Heppell 1. D Myers #AFLDonsSaints
His name didn't fit   SHAWRY'S VOTES 5. A McDonald-Tipungwuti 4. A McGrath 3. Z Merrett 2. D Heppell 1. D Myers #AFLDonsSaints <br>http://pic.twitter.com/AuficXkHPl
Boyd named in AFL Media Team of the Week Mon, 06 Jul 2015 17:27:00 GMT
Turning him into a forward has been a stroke of coaching genius. Earlier, Bruce made the Bombers pay with this brilliant goal #AFLDonsSaints http://t.co/7ImO3Gd2u3 — AFL (@AFL) July 5, 2015 SHANE EDWA...
Michael Willson 10/08/2018 01:11
Nathan Brown seeks out Adam Saad post-match #AFLDonsSaints
Nathan Brown seeks out Adam Saad post-match #AFLDonsSaints <br>http://pic.twitter.com/m2fBpRPafz
Brown was late but it appears unclear if contact was actually high, don't think it should be a red card if they existed as open to interpretation #AFLDonsSaints — Michael G. 🔴⚪🔵 (@mickeyg4) August 1...
Swamp 10/08/2018 12:41
At 171cm Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti is the shortest person to kick a 5 goal haul since Matt Campbell for NTH v HAW in 2011 @EssendonFC #AFLDonsSaints @AFL
Bomber carnage: Four hurt on brutal night Fri, 10 Aug 2018 03:29:00 GMT
Brendon Goddard will take no further part in #AFLDonsSaints. Update thanks to @MLC_Australia. pic.twitter.com/7oQbgYqOmk — AFL (@AFL) August 10, 2018 Bombers coach John Worsfold was hopeful about the ...
Essendon FC 10/08/2018 12:37
Everyone in. #AFLDonsSaints #DonTheSash
Everyone in.  #AFLDonsSaints #DonTheSash<br>http://pic.twitter.com/aVbgUvfLQ1
AFL Nation 10/08/2018 12:36
McGrath "Not having rotations isn't ideal but we made some on field rotations so we were fine in the end." #AFLDonsSaints
AFL 10/08/2018 12:32
Nathan Brown and Adam Saad chat post-game. #AFLDonsSaints
Adam White 10/08/2018 12:31
For all the doom and gloom talk about Gold Coast's situation recently, the Suns have still managed to win the same amount of games as St Kilda in 2018. #AFLDonsSaints
Ronny Lerner 10/08/2018 12:29
Really gutsy effort by Essendon to win so well down 2 men for over 3 qtrs and 4 men for most of final qtr. could’ve won by 10 goals too easily. In the end the gulf in class, talent and skill proved decisive #AFLDonsSaints
Adam White 10/08/2018 12:27
A glimpse to the future for Essendon fans with Andrew McGrath, Darcy Parish, Kyle Langford and Aaron Francis all showing some excellent signs collectively over the last three weeks. #AFLDonsSaints
Jacqui Reed 10/08/2018 12:26
No bench and they ran it out. Proud effort @EssendonFC #AFLDonsSaints
AFL 10/08/2018 12:26
FT: @essendonfc 18.14 (122) defeat @stkildafc 11.13 (79). #AFLDonsSaints
FT: @essendonfc 18.14 (122) defeat @stkildafc 11.13 (79).  #AFLDonsSaints <br>http://pic.twitter.com/qOLzST4joE
Ben Jammin 10/08/2018 12:26
Jack Steven Jack Steele Jack Steele Jack Lonie Jack Billings Jack Newnes Jack Sinclair Jack Shit #AFLDonsSaints
St Kilda FC 10/08/2018 12:25
Well done, Pato. First goal in AFL football: #AFLDonsSaints #HalosOn
Well done, Pato.  First goal in AFL football:   #AFLDonsSaints #HalosOn<br>http://pic.twitter.com/umDcsKhKiB
AFL 10/08/2018 12:20
Kyle Langford slots it #AFLDonsSaints
Essendon FC 10/08/2018 12:18
Langers kicks his second! This team performance will be one to remember for a long time...two men down in the first and four by the last quarter. #AFLDonsSaints #DonTheSash
Essendon FC 10/08/2018 12:17
Why not from 55m out David Myers. Essendon 17.13 (115) lead St Kilda 10.12 (72) #AFLDonsSaints #DonTheSash
Titus O'Reily 10/08/2018 10:52
Been a while since Essendon's medical staff have been this busy. #AFLDonsSaints
Stuart McIntyre 10/08/2018 10:49
Bombers fans have no right to be booing Carlisle after what their club did to him and others. #AFLDonsSaints
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