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@RepAOC Your rhetoric is quot d by the Antifa member that was killed. Would you care to make a statement on that ? How your words are inciting violence ? Unlike @realDonaldTrump , his real supporters are not attacking Govt Facilities !!! https:// twitter.com/hodgetwins/sta tus/1152793539211927552   …
killjoy27 26/07/2018 03:50
You said, and I quot "We fought against people just like you during WWII. Anti American, anti everything, violence against those you don't agree with. Antifa for example. Repubs don't do that, Leftist Dems are guilty. NAZIS" I was using "You" in reference to you using "We"
@pyramidfire 25/04/2018 05:21
I cringed when I heard fellow black conservatives whom I respect on TV saying that while they condemn the violent behavior of Antifa/Black Lives Matter some of their grievances against America are warranted. I wanted to scream at my TV, &quot
BadBlue News 16/04/2017 11:12
LIFE COMES AT YOU FAST: Berkeley Antifa Chick Who Got Socked Said She Would "Bring Back 100 Nazi Scalps&quot dlvr.it/Nvcrn9  
Autonomous Action 03/01/2012 12:20
Notes of a co-conspirator: Today, two years have... dlvr.it/13FSB0   #_quot_Avtonom_quot_ #Anarchist_movement #Antifa #History #Moscow
antifa_fm 19/08/2010 06:08
Extreme right fans attacked the anti-fascist fans of FC "Karelia-Discovery&quot… http://goo.gl/fb/1skrY
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